Congrats, Golden State


The Warriors clinched the 8th spot in the Western Conference playoffs today, which means that we finished the season two games above .500 and will probably get blown out by the Mavericks in the first round. This is the first time the Warriors have made the playoffs since the 1993-1949 season, when they finished 3rd in the Pacific Division. Just for fun here is the Warriors roster and point totals from the 1994 season:

Head Coach Don Nelson
Latrell Sprewell 21 ppg
Chris Webber 17.5 ppg
Chris Mullin 16.8 ppg
Billy Owens 15 ppg
Avery Johnson 10.9 ppg
Victor Alexander (??) 8.7 ppg
Chris Gatling 8.2 ppg
Jeff Grayer 6.8 ppg
Todd Lichti 6.2 ppg
Keith Jennings 5.7 ppg
Josh Grant 3.0 ppg

Tonight will be a celebration. I changed the header color to match the Warriors colors.

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