Clean Nuclear Power?

If this was a diet program on a late-night infomercial, I’d turn it off immediately. Cheap energy with no harmful side effects like pollution or meltdown? Uses existing nuclear waste, and by-products are only radioactive for hundreds of years, compared with millions?

I got pretty excited when I read this article about a new nuclear technology using a fuel source called thorium, which doesn’t meltdown and promises clean energy. Apparently there will be a full-scale prototype working in Russia in the first quarter of 2008. Sounds great, but I couldn’t find any discussion of verification of the claims or of possible consequences of the technology.

One thought on “Clean Nuclear Power?

  1. Kirk Sorensen

    There’s a lot more information about the potential of thorium out there, and I’ve tried to collect a lot of it at my website. Please take a look and especially take a look at the document WASH-1097, which I have available there.


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