Passes the Height Requirement Easy

I don’t care what your age. Some kids are just too big to play little league. Case in point is Saudi Arabia’s Aaron Durley, all 6’8”, size 19, 256 pounds of him. Can you imagine pitching to this guy?


3 thoughts on “Passes the Height Requirement Easy

  1. Ryan Doherty

    I don’t think its fair to say just cause this kid is MASSIVE he shouldn’t be allowed to particpate in little league. If he meets the age requirement I can’t imagine telling this extremely large child he can’t play. He is most certainly singled out in every other aspect of his life and this is probably the one spot where he feels the same as every other player on his team.

  2. gocards44 Post author

    I know. Of course he is eligible and should play Little League. Just I remember how frustrating it was being small and playing against somewhat bigger and better kids, and playing against this guy would be ridiculous.

  3. Lainie

    I totally agree with you. There should be requirements. Why couldn’t he play with adults or a differnt sport like basketball? But I also believe that try-outs should be just that. Not every kid that tries out needs to be on a team. What do they learn from that?


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