Princeton Review

Princeton Review is the best website I’ve found for people concerned about college admissions. It’s clearly written for students by people who understand what students need out of a college site. It has great advice for freshmen through seniors about how to prepare for college. It’s also got the best automatic college-finder on the Web. While a machine can’t generate the perfect match for you, it’s a good way to remove the brand-name-bias that we all have when picking colleges.

Moreover, Princeton Review’s got one of the best SAT prep courses on the market. Read this damning interview by Jon Katzman, the course’s developer, to learn more about what makes Princeton Review great.

I’m not being paid to promote Princeton Review. I’m writing highly of them because the people that work there have their heads screwed on right, unlike most I’ve found in the college game.

More on the SAT and college admissions to follow soon.


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