Speaking of Ahmadinejad…

He’s got a weblog up, http://www.ahmadinejad.ir. The first post talked about his roots in a small town in Iran.

We will see how techno-savvy he is. Posting really could come back to bite him if he isn’t careful about what he puts on there.

On a related note, be careful what you put on the internet. Blog posting and ‘flames’ are sort of like getting a tattoo. You may think it’s a good idea now, but in the future you may be cursing yourself. Prospective employers, college admissions people, your parents and your friends may read what you write. A good rule to follow is to expect that everything you publish will be read by your parents and the pope. Think about the kind of trouble our current politicians get in for stuff they did in the 70’s, before they had 24-hour access, and then imagine politicians 30 years from now getting heat because they wrote an anti-Semitic post or flamed out a girlfriend when they were twenty.

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